The benefits of refurbished hardware

The benefits of refurbished hardware

If you want to get rid of your old and used hardware, more and more IT suppliers offer the possibility to hand it in. This makes it attractive to purchase and at the same time you do not have to worry about the disposal and the waste issue.

Price and environment

For companies that cannot or do not want to spend thousands of euros on new hardware, refurbished hardware offers a good alternative. Refurbished products, like used products, are much cheaper than the new variants. The quality of these products is also important. Where the quality of used products sometimes leaves something to be desired, refurbished products are extensively tested and checked to meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

The fact that someone else can use that hardware for a few more years is a good way to contribute to the environment. Because every used server, telephone or desktop that is used as a refurbished saves CO2 emissions, water consumption and raw materials.

Legal points of attention

In addition to the environmental benefits, there is also a legal point of attention associated with the use of refurbished hardware. Anyone with unnecessary hardware should know that it should not just end up with the bulky waste. This doesn’t apply to all hardware, but it does to most. The hard disk of a desktop will always contain some company-sensitive data or personal data, but telephones also contain call history, login and passwords. That phone can therefore be just as interesting for someone who wants to break into a company network, just like the desktop. Refurbished hardware ensures that you have a good and clean alternative for a fair price.

In the Qupra Wholesale portal it is possible to purchase refurbished hardware. All partners of Qupra have access to the portal.