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Service numbers
In addition to service numbers in the Netherlands, Qupra supplies numbers in more than 100 countries around the world. If there are problems with a number abroad, we will take care of this.

Qupra provides a flexible VoIP platform of reliable quality. The VoIP platform made available by Qupra offers all the functionalities of a modern telephone exchange.

SIP Trunk

With Qupra’s SIP Trunk, you not only benefit from the competitive rates for SIP traffic, but also from a large degree of Flexibility. Terminating a SIP interconnect or service numbers directly on the SIP-Trunk is possible.



With Qupra CPS and WLR, Qupra takes care of all outgoing traffic that takes place via the public network of KPN Telecom. Due to Qupra’s competitive rates, considerable savings are made on variable telecommunication costs.


Qupra’s connection is redundant, secure and reliable. If other Qupra services are provided over this connection, they are routed directly to the relevant service. In this way we ensure a minimum distance bestween your connection and the purchased service.


With Qupra Co-location you rent server space in our advanced data center. From a single server to an entire custom private cage, everything is possible.