Hosted VoIP of Qupra

Hosted VoIP of Qupra

With Hosted VoIP, a telephone exchange is part of a cloud solution. This fits in with the trend in the business market, in which it is increasingly common that things do not belong directly to the core competencies, are outsourced or are purchased as a service. With Hosted VoIP, this is also the case with a telephone exchange.

VoIP platforms from Qupra

Qupra provides a flexible VoIP platform of reliable quality. The VoIP platform made available by Qupra offers all the functionalities of a modern telephone exchange. Because the VoIP platform no longer requires a physical telephone exchange, there are no high maintenance costs.

Cost effective

In addition, significant cost savings are offered on subscription and traffic costs. With a VoIP platform it is possible to scale up flexibly and there is the possibility to link the telephony with a CRM system or Microsoft Teams.

Multi-platform approach

Where many companies stick to one platform, this is not the case with Qupra. Thanks to our multi-platform approach, we can offer a suitable solution for every customer. We are not tied to our own platform, but can offer different platforms, such as 3CX, Kwebbl or YourSipCloud. The last option we offer White label. You can completely customize it however you want. With Qupra’s versatile VoIP platforms, you can provide Wholesale telephony the way you want it. Flexibility and convenience for you as a reseller and your customers are central to us.


Qupra’s VoIP solution guarantees flexibility. Hosted VoIP grows with the company. Easily scale up as a customer grows. Thanks to our personal support team, the lines are short. You will not end up in endless menus or queues, but you will have direct contact with our support department for handling your questions.