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Become a Reseller Partner at Qupra

Qupra is the business internet, telephony and IT provider with the best solutions. Our personal attention and competitive prices distinguish us from the competition. With our broad portfolio, we ensure that we can always offer the best solution. We offer everything you need for telecom.
We understand that in a time like this it is becoming increasingly important to be digitally connected and accessible. With a fast, reliable network and competitive rates, we ensure that your customers can be reached anytime and anywhere.

10 reasons to work with Qupra:

1. Easy to do business with: We don’t see our customers as customers, but as partners. We as Qupra are an extension of your organization. We work together on the basis of equality and transparency.
2. Independent: We offer independent as a signal to our partners. We determine our own course in consultation with our partners.
3. Flexible in solutions: Qupra offers a service where our partners should have no objection to contacting us. Full and fast service when a question arises is central. There is always a solution possible!
4. Transparent: We are always transparent with customers. We hold back nothing and are open and honest.
5. Personal support: Our personal support is always ready to help and support you.
6. Expertise:  With our more than 20 years of experience with telephony and internet, (“lines”, (service) numbers and hosting (IVR) applications, we have become an expert in this field .
7. Own account manager: At Qupra you get your own account manager and our support team is always there for you. 
8. First time right: Upon delivery of the services, they must work immediately.
9. Always on: Service that always works.
10. Redundant network: The Qupra connection is redundant, safe and reliable. Multiple Qupra services are provided over this connection. Then it is routed directly to the relevant service. In this way we ensure a minimum distance between your connection and the purchased service.

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Become reseller-partner at Qupra

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