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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (commonly known as VoIP) is a technology that allows users to make and receive telephone calls over the Internet. Thanks to the wide availability of broadband connections, VoIP is increasingly being chosen by small business owners, privacy-conscious consumers and anyone who needs an affordable second phone number.

Whether you’re looking for a VoIP number for your business, curious about the advanced features VoIP offers, or just want to know how it all works, you’ll find the answers in this guide.

Benefits of VoIP

VoIP makes it possible to make phone calls (and send and receive text messages) over a broadband connection instead of cellular networks or traditional phone lines. By simply contracting with a VoIP provider, anyone with an Internet-connected device can have a fully functioning phone.

In short, VoIP technology works by sending audio over the Internet as small data packets – but more on that later. Here are 5 benefits of using a VoIP number.

Cost reduction

VoIP lowers telecommunication costs and offers lower rates.

Any device works

Always connected with smartphone, tablet, computer or special VoIP phone.

Advanced features

Extensive functionalities for improved communication.


Easily expand to more lines/users without additional infrastructure.


Always be available with VoIP, wherever you are.


Seamless integration of VoIP with other business systems for more efficient workflows.

Starting your business with Qupra?

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Change the way you communicate with Qupra Hosted VoIP

Qupra provides a flexible VoIP platform of reliable quality. All the functionalities of a modern telephone exchange are offered on the VoIP platform made available by Qupra. Because no physical telephone exchange is needed when using the VoIP platform, there are no maintenance costs for a physical telephone exchange. With Qupra’s versatile VoIP platform, you can deliver Wholesale telephony the way you want it. Flexibility and convenience for you as a reseller and your customers are central to us. In addition, significant cost savings are offered on subscription and traffic costs. The VoIP platform allows flexible scaling up and there is the possibility to link the telephony with the CRM package.

The benefits of Hosted VoIP at Qupra

Great Support

Thanks to our personal support team, the lines are short. You do not end up in endless menus or queues, but you have direct contact with our support department for handling all your questions.


Thanks to our multi-platform approach, we can offer a suitable solution for every customer. We are not tied to our own platform but can offer different platforms, such as 3CX, Kwebbl or YourSipCloud.


With the VOIP solution from Qupra you are assured of flexibility. Is your business growing? No problem. Hosted VoIP grows with your company. Easily scale as your customers grow too.

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