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Amsterdam Colocation data center

With Colocation of Qupra you have access to one of the best data centers in the Nederlands. With Colocation you can place your own equipment in our data center in Amsterdam. We offer flexible and scalable options to house your devices, with security, a reliable power supply and fast and reliable internet speed from Qupra. Qupra has been a data center (formerly SS7 Telecom) specialist in Amsterdam for 30 years.
Qupra’s data center has a total capacity of 100 x 42 1U spots, so we always have room for your server or Rack.
Our data center is purpose-built for IT companies looking for a high degree of availability and security. The data center is connected to 2 data centers with its own ring; Digital Realty and Global Switch.
The benefits of Colocation at Qupra
  • The data center is well secured and monitored day and night.
  • Own fiber optic ring between 3 data centers for Backup and redundancy.
  • Sale and Leaseback options; we buy your hardware and return it as a service. This way you are assured of a 1:1 good migration, and you are assured of new hardware every 3 years.
  • Your servers are directly connected to several major internet nodes and data centers such as Equinix and Telecity.
  • On-net with Colt, BT, Relined, Tele2, KPN, Eurofiber and many others.
  • You determine the configuration of your devices and applications for the server.

Colocation data centre

Servers in a data center are hung in so-called racks. First, rails are attached to both sides of a server so that the server can then be hung in the rack. However, it also happens that servers (provided they are high enough) can be mounted in a rack without a rail kit.

Single Racks

Do you have a single or small number of servers? Then it is often not a good idea to rent a half or a whole rack from Qupra. These individual servers can be placed in a Qupra rack closed with certificate locks. Of course, this way you can enjoy all the amenities of Qupra. For example, services such as managing your servers and automatic backup are possible. The Qupra data center has a redundant power and emergency power supply. You can also choose to spread your servers across multiple data centers.

Rackspace: 1, 2, 3 or 5U

Starting from € 59,- a month

Rent a 1/2 Rack

Do you have multiple servers? These can be placed in a half rack. This rack is equipped with all Qupra facilities, including redundant power and emergency power supplies, plus the necessary connection material. When renting a half rack, you have independent access to the data centers and certificate locks, including “remote hands”.


Rackspace: 21U

Starting from € 210,- a month

Rent a 1/1 cage

Do you have more than 22 height units? Then you can rent one or more entire racks from Qupra in our data centers. You can choose from different power configurations (power current and up to 96 Ampere current). The rack is equipped with all Qupra facilities; Redundant power and backup power supplies and the necessary hardware to connect the rack such as patch cables, cage nuts and power cords. In addition, independent access to the data centers, “remote hands” and certificate locks is possible when renting an entire rack.

Rackspace: 42U 

Starting from € 299,- a month

Private cage

Do you want to accommodate multiple servers and are you looking for even better security for your servers? Then you could consider a private cage. Private cages are especially intended for organizations where security has absolute top priority. With a fence around the racks above and below the floor, your servers are protected even better. In addition, you benefit from all our standard measures, including two-factor authentication with biometrics, VEB 4* certification and camera surveillance (both inside and outside the data center). A private cage combines all the advantages of our advanced data center with top-of-the-line security for your equipment.

Price on request

Are you interested to rent server room in our data center in Amsterdam? Then fill in the application form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Rent Rack space in our advanced data center in Amsterdam