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Download the FRITZApps

You may already know that the FRITZ!Box is a multifunctional router. For many people, this is a popular device to have at home or at work. Not just because it delivers a powerful internet connection. But also because there are many configuration options. To top it off, there are also countless FRITZApps available for download…
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What is FRITZOS?

Besides the fact that the FRITZ!Box is very multifunctional, this router also has its own operating system. This operating system is called FRITZOS and ensures that everyone can use this modem. FRITZOS is equipped with interesting options, which you can operate from playful simplicity. This way you will soon receive a modern piece of technology…
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Connect a FRITZ!Box to a fiber-optic network

With an additional fiber-optic modem, it is also possible to use the FRITZ!Box with a fiber-optic connection. Since the FRITZ!Box establishes and monitors the Internet connection itself via the fiber-optic modem, all functions of the FRITZ!Box are available without restriction. Connection to a fiber optic network is only possible with the FRITZ!Box 5490, 7581, 7390,…
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FRITZ!Box 7590 configuration

The FRITZ!Box 7590 from AVM is a router with innovative WiFi in 4 x 4 Multi-User MIMO technology. The high-end WiFi of the new DSL router provides even more range and significantly higher speeds, up to 2,533 Mbit/s. With the usual comfort, the FRITZ!Box 7590 connects all computers, smartphones, tablets, printers and other network devices…
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Configuring your own music on hold or greeting in the FRITZ!Box

If all phones are busy, the call is put on hold. The caller then hears the music on hold or greeting from the telephone provider. If your provider allows this, this music on hold or greeting is replaced by a greeting from the FRITZ!Box. Instead of the FRITZ!Box greeting, it is also possible to switch…
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Call diversion configuration in FRITZ!Box

Call diversion allows you to automatically forward all or selected calls to another extension, a specific telephone, or an answering machine. You can also configure call diversion in a FRITZ!Box. Calls are then either forwarded by the FRITZ!Box or configured as forwarding in the exchange of your telephone provider. For example, you can determine that…
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FRITZ!Box answering machine configuration

It is possible to configure up to five integrated answering machines in the FRITZ!Box. You can switch answering machines on or off individually and each answering machine can be provided with its own configuration. Add a new answering machine You can configure an answering machine as follows: – Click on “Telephony” on the FRITZ!Box user…
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FRITZ! Box security

In addition to computers, laptops, smartphones and smart home devices, routers are also targets of hackers. A 2016 study by the Anti-virus company ESET showed that especially small business and home routers are easy to attack. That’s why every FRITZ!Box, when in the factory settings, has a unique password and a corresponding unique key for…
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Mesh Wi-Fi

The importance of a fast internet connection at home and at work is increasing. New, smart devices are constantly being added that need a place on the (wireless) network. Previously, our laptops, mobile phones, and tablets were sufficient. Nowadays, smart thermometers, refrigerators and cleaning devices are added to this. Enough reasons imaginable to set up…
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