Innovative SIP-Trunk solutions

A SIP-Trunk is used to connect a corporate telephone exchange (PBX) or standalone telephone set to the global public telephone network via the Internet or other IP network. This allows users from all over the world to make and receive calls. A SIP-trunk is comparable to a network connection, such as an analog or ISDN connection for fixed telephony. The difference with a SIP-Trunk is that calls are no longer made over the traditional telephone line, but over a data connection. An advantage is that the number of simultaneous calls over a SIP-Trunk can be easily configured and is no longer tied to the location where the service is provided.

A Qupra SIP-Trunk is suitable for all types of telephone exchanges that support the SIP-protocol. Compared to traditional telephony, SIP-Trunk achieves significant cost savings in subscription and traffic costs.

With a SIP-Trunk, users can call fixed, mobile and other virtual telephone numbers. 088, 085, 0800, 0900, international numbers can be delivered directly to the SIP-Trunk. To request a SIP-Trunk, a Service Order Form is completed.

The benefits of a SIP-Trunk at Qupra

Competitive traffic rates

Thanks to our link with a vast number of providers, we can always offer you the best price at various destinations

0800 Kickback

Now enjoy a kickback on calls from your customers to 0800 numbers. Normally this is only reserved for the major providers.


With Qupra’s SIP-Trunks, you not only benefit from the competitive rates for SIP traffic, but also from a large degree of flexibility. Terminating a SIP interconnect or service number diectly on the SIP-Trunk is possible.