ACM and COIN registration

Become reseller-partner of Qupra and we arrange your ACM and COIN registration

Modern telecom and IT solutions are at the heart of almost every organization in the digital age. Being able to work anywhere and anytime in the cloud and be available 24/7 with modern and flexible communication solutions; it’s more important than ever. Especially now that working from home has become the new normal.

As a reseller partner of telecom and ICT services, you are faced with a lot of registration. For example, you must comply with article 2.1 TW for registration with the ACM, facilitate 112 entries by NAWTE and arrange interception obligations for your telecom services when you send the customer relationship and the invoice to the customer.

Many parties such as Qupra facilitate the technical part, but forget to point out that you must also be included in the Register of Telecom Providers and the COIN Register of Service Providers. This COIN register is the central register of all numbers in the Netherlands (CRDB) and ensures that it is clear to everyone who is porting with whom, and is the direct point of contact for questions about this switch.

Qupra will arrange it for you. When you fill in the form on the right, in addition to Qupra portal access, you will also receive a phone call from the authorities to give you a warm welcome.