Despite COVID-19 growth for fiberglass

Despite COVID-19 growth for fiberglass

The construction of fiber optic in the Netherlands is increasing again, despite corona. Due to the corona regulations, digging teams distance, information evenings take place online and home connections were also made.

This increase is mainly due to the many private operators in the outlying areas. More than 500,000 homes will be connected to fiber in 2020, the highest number in recent years. In total, almost 3.9 million households have a fiber optic connection. This equates to approximately 46 percent.

Households are opting more for internet with a higher speed. For the first time, more than half of the broadband connections have a connection with a speed of more than 100 Mbp/s. Internet via the cable network, which, just like fiberglass, can remain as a percentage of 50 percent for fast internet.

The increase in the number of fiber optic connections is mainly due to the coming years, Glass wire and active to put glass in the ground in rural areas. In addition, there are also local fiber optic initiatives, such as WAUWAU and Fore Freedom.

Due to the success of the many campaigns in the outlying areas, in which residents are encouraged to register for a fiber optic subscription of a yet to be installed, the growth that has started will continue over the years. It is therefore estimated that almost seven million fiber connections will be installed by 2025, which amounts to 84 percent of all Dutch households.

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