What is DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing)?

A DID is simply a “normal” geographical telephone number in a (foreign) country. Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a service that allows a phone number to be forwarded directly to a specific phone in a company instead of going to a menu or queue and dialing an extension number. A phone number that is often used in this way is often referred to as a “DID”.

With a foreign DID you realize an international geographic area code. This number can be called by the caller in the relevant country at local rates. Qupra supplies foreign DIDs in almost all countries.

How can DID benefit your business?

DID numbers are a boon for companies looking to expand their business in a cost-effective way. In such cases, international DID numbers can be an important asset to your company. You can use these numbers for customer service or as helplines, allowing customers to contact your company or service without incurring any charges.

Cost effective expansion

DID numbers allow businesses to expand their reach without incurring the high costs of setting up physical offices or telephone lines in different locations. DID numbers allow you to have virtual phone numbers in multiple countries or regions, enabling you to connect with customers and access new markets at a fraction of the cost.

Improved customer service

Using DID numbers for customer service allows you to provide local support to your customers. Customers can easily reach your business through local or toll-free numbers, improving accessibility and customer satisfaction. In addition, DID numbers enable calls to be forwarded and forwarded, directing customer queries to the correct departments or employees.

Global presence and credibility

Having international DID numbers can create the perception of a global presence for your business. Customers have more confidence and engagement with a company that offers local phone numbers in their area. This adds credibility to your brand and improves your professional image, even if you operate from one location.

Tracking and Analysis

DID numbers provide valuable data tracking and analysis capabilities. You can collect data on call volume, duration, and customer interactions, helping you understand customer behavior, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. This information can help you optimize your marketing strategies, improve customer service and improve overall business performance.

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The benefits of DIDs from Qupra

Available in 100+ countries

DIDs can be supplied by Qupra in more than 100 countries. Is the country you want not listed in the overview below? Then let us know and we will get to work.

Great support

Our personal support supports you with the application of the DIDs in different countries. Here you don't have to worry. We do this for you

Termination on SIP interconnect

Qupra has the option to deliver the calls directly to another platform through a SIP interconnect.

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