Service numbers

Service numbers

Qupra provides service numbers in the Netherlands and abroad. Service numbers are hosted via Qupra’s platform and are terminated at a final destination chosen by the user. Qupra also offers a large number of IVR options on its platform.

The benefits of a service number of Qupra

Qupra has more than 10 years of experience with service numbers and IVR applications. Qupra delivers numbers all over the world.

Numbers from all over the world

In addition to service numbers in the Netherlands, Qupra supplies numbers in more than 100 countries around the world. If there are problems with a number abroad, we will take care of this.



Qupra has been an expert in service numbers for over 10 years. We therefore know better than anyone how these numbers work and what is expected of them.

Termination via SIP interconnect

Qupra has the option to deliver the calls directly to another platform by means of a SIP interconnect. In this way (international) service numbers are also integrated in the service provision to your end customer.

Dutch service numbers

These are the Dutch service numbers. We offer all service numbers for your company.

0800 number

An 0800 number is a service that is not bound to a region. There are no charges for the caller with this number. The number can therefore be called free of charge.

0900 number

With a 0900 number, costs can be charged to the caller. The costs for the caller are determined by the number user himself and can be set at a price per minute or price per call.

088 number

088 numbers are company-specific numbers and are registered with ACM at the company that uses this number. 088 numbers are issued by ACM in blocks of 100, 1,000 or 10,000 numbers. The cost of calling this number is the local rate for the caller.

085 number

085 numbers are non-region-bound area codes and give the user of the number a national and professional appearance. The cost to the caller to call this number is the local rate.

International service numbers

Not only do we have Dutch service numbers. Foreign numbers are also available with us.

ITFS number

A service number that can be reached free of charge for the caller from the country in which this number is activated. Each country has a different number.

UIFN number

A service number that can be reached free of charge for the caller from the country in which this number is activated. A UIFN number is the same in all activated countries.

Premium rate number

A Premium Rate service number is a paid number for the caller. The rates to be chosen for the caller depend on the regulations in the country in which the number is active.