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Category: 3CX

Qupra Wholesale

3CX Microsoft Teams integration

3CX natively supports Microsoft Teams. The telephony integration of Teams offers an alternative to the Microsoft 365 calling plan. You can call via 3CX SIP-Trunks at low and international rates. Your team gets access to outbound calling through an interface they are with. 3CX provides an instant, unified calling experience for both 3CX users and…
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3CX SIP Trunk configuration

Do you already own 3CX or do you purchase a SIP-Trunk from Qupra? Then configure it in the 3CX PBX as follows: – Log in to the 3CX Management Console. – Click on SIP Trunks on the left, then press Add SIP Trunk – Select Generic at Country and Generic SIP Trunk as provider. Also…
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Qupra offers Hosted 3CX for reseller-partners

Qupra is an official partner of 3CX. That means that business customers can contact Qupra for the Hosted 3CX, the Cloud PBX solution of 3CX to resell them to their customers. What is Hosted 3CX? Hosted 3CX is an online telephone exchange (PBX) located in the Cloud. It is a communication platform that has everything…
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3CX Session Border Controller

The 3CX Session Border Controller, SBC for short, is a piece of software that runs on the local network installed and easily connects IP telephones and a PBX in the Cloud. The SBC is used to connect an external office to the main office. Do you have multiple branches? Then the 3CX Session Border Controller…
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3CX Salesforce CRM integration

Using 3CX’s CRM integration, you’ll always know who’s calling you before you pick up the phone. This saves your employees time and impresses customers. You can speak directly to your customers personally and thus give them the feeling that you know them. Integrate your CRM or help desk system with 3CX. Keep customer information handy…
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3CX iOS and Android App

Work from wherever you want. Whether this is at home or somewhere else, with the 3CX mobile app you always have all the office communication tools in your pocket. Access the corporate phonebook, make calls, send instant messages to colleagues and much more. The 3CX app is available on both iOS and Android. Download the…
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Integrated call center in 3CX

Customers want to speak an employee as quickly as possible, preferably immediately. They also expect that, when they are hanging on the line, the person they are talking to knows exactly who they are and what has been discussed during previous conversations. And they don’t want to be transferred multiple times. If you achieve all…
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3CX Web Client

The 3CX Web Client is easy to use and provides all the features needed to communicate efficiently via your web browser. From here you can easily make calls, communicate with customers, chat live, hold video conferences and check the status of your colleagues. 3CX Web Client installation The welcoming email contains your login details and…
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3CX Windows Client

3CX Windows Client download Call, view the status of your colleagues, chat, schedule conference calls and listen to voicemails from your desktop. This is all possible with the 3CX Windows Client. The Desktop app for Windows has all the features of the Web Client, but offers a slightly more local experience.  In the welcome email you…
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