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Category: COIN transfer

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Do the reseller/partners of telecom resellers comply with the law and regulations?

No, far from all. Out of the limited overview of 25 requests to provide an expression of will, 9 were submitted. A check of the 9 statements of will submitted shows that the acquiring party (reseller/partner) is actually ACM registered in only 2 cases. And that in 4 cases this cannot be established because the…
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Is transparency for telecom providers regulated by law?

Yes, it appears from Article 2.1 of the TW that providers of Public Telecom services must register with the ACM. Since one reseller/partner of Routit/KPN apparently submits an expression of will on its behalf and has registered with ACM, and the other does not, there is no “level playing field”. This while the ACM itself…
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Are correct and good expressions of will important for a smoothly functioning transfer system?

Yes, COIN and all Dutch telecom providers work within a legal framework of self-regulation agreements by means of a “high trust” principle. By means of the COIN agreements, all connected Telecom providers are obliged to comply with the legally regulated system (4.2 and 4.10 TW) of Number Preservation (taking the subscriber’s number to and from…
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What is an expression of will for number porting or switching?

An expression of will is a digital statement of the customer and the will of one offer to switch from the other. This declaration of intent is often received and later confirmed in writing; the will suit What requirements must an expression of will meet? From COIN CHANGE REQUEST NUMBER 1275 version, includes 6 conditions…
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What is a COIN porting agreement?

When porting is done in COIN context, a porting agreement is created (version 8.7). Among other things, this agreement provides: The recipient guarantees that he is authorized by the porter to: a. terminate the agreement between the porter and donor regarding the provision of a telecommunications service on behalf of the porter, and b. donor…
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Definitions and parties in the world of telecom

COIN: Association of telecom providers that manages the information and communication system (or Common Infrastructure System) that serves for the exchange of information about numbers and that includes the network and the database. PortingXS: The party that submits requests for number porting on behalf of RoutIT from Ede KPN, among others, in COIN, currently owned…
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