Connect a FRITZ!Box to a fiber-optic network

Connect a FRITZ!Box to a fiber-optic network

With an additional fiber-optic modem, it is also possible to use the FRITZ!Box with a fiber-optic connection. Since the FRITZ!Box establishes and monitors the Internet connection itself via the fiber-optic modem, all functions of the FRITZ!Box are available without restriction. Connection to a fiber optic network is only possible with the FRITZ!Box 5490, 7581, 7390, 7490 and 7590.

Connecting FRITZ!Box to fiber-optic modem

Connect the “WAN” port of the FRITZ!Box to the LAN port of the fiber-optic modem via a network cable.

Configuring Internet access in FRITZ!Box

In the FRITZ!Box user interface, go via “Internet” to “Account Information”.

Verify that you see your Internet Service Provider in the “Internet Service Provider” section.

If the correct Internet Service Provider has been selected, enter the access data in the respective input fields and click on “Change connection settings”. Then enable the option “Via an external modem” in the “Internet connection” section.

When you don’t see the correct Internet Service provider, select “Other Internet Service Provider” and enable “Connection to an external modem or router” in the “Connection” section. In the “Operating mode” section, enable the option “Establish own connection to the Internet”. If you require access data, enter it in the appropriate input fields. When you don’t need access data, enable the “No” option in the “Account information” section.

If the Internet Service Provider prescribes the use of a VLAN ID, click on “Change Connection Settings” and enable the option “Use VLAN for Internet access” and enter your VLAN ID.

Enter the internet connection speeds in the “Downstream” and “Upstream” fields. Click on “apply” to save the settings.


Implement a FRITZ!Box via Qupra

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