What is FRITZOS?

What is FRITZOS?

Besides the fact that the FRITZ!Box is very multifunctional, this router also has its own operating system. This operating system is called FRITZOS and ensures that everyone can use this modem. FRITZOS is equipped with interesting options, which you can operate from playful simplicity. This way you will soon receive a modern piece of technology at home, without too much fuss. But what exactly is the FRITZOS?

Working from a central environment

First of all, you need to log in to the user environment of your FRITZ!Box. This will take you to an overview page where you can see a lot of substantive information about the router. Think of the current number of connected devices and the available Wi-Fi networks. Welcome to the FRITSOS environment. From this environment you can easily switch to all kinds of other options. This way you can configure a lot in the round, without having to put in too much effort.

What's possible in FRITZOS?

FRITZOS makes tricky technology easy for all of its users. It is not only possible to look at your network, data usage and connected devices. FRITZOS also offers many practical solutions. For example, it is possible to stream stored music, photos or movies to all connected devices. This ranges from televisions to speakers, laptops and mobile phones.

Applied in various FRITZ!Apps

The FritzOS is a well-arranged operating system, comparable to iOS on an iPhone and Android on a Samsung or LG phone. Various apps can be downloaded together with the FRITZ!Box, all of which are equipped with FritzOS. The different apps that you can download are MyFRITZ!App, FRITZ!App Fon, FRITZ!App WLAN, FRITZ!App Smart Home and FRITZ!App TV. Each app has its own functionalities. But all work according to the same clear and customer-friendly FritzOS. Every app is slightly different in terms of functionalities, but it is always coming home.

Implement a FRITZ!Box via Qupra

Would you also like to sell a FRITZ!Box to your customers? Then implement a FRITZ!Box reseller via Qupra. We guarantee all the knowledge for you and are the first Dutch point of contact. Questions? Contact Alex at +31 88-8000879 or click here. We offer a solution for you and your customers.