FRITZ!Box 7590 configuration

FRITZ!Box 7590 configuration

The FRITZ!Box 7590 from AVM is a router with innovative WiFi in 4 x 4 Multi-User MIMO technology. The high-end WiFi of the new DSL router provides even more range and significantly higher speeds, up to 2,533 Mbit/s. With the usual comfort, the FRITZ!Box 7590 connects all computers, smartphones, tablets, printers and other network devices to the WiFi network. Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0 and the telephone exchange with DECT base stations and connections for ISDN and analog telephones complete the versatile communication offer. The FRITZ!Box 7590 can be used on both IP and traditional DSL connections from all providers.

FRITZ!Box 7590 installation

The FRITZ!Box 7590 is very easy to install:

Electric power connection

Connect the FRITZ!Box to the power supply. The ‘Power/DSL’ LED starts flashing.

Connect Telephones by Cable

Connect analog devices to the “FON 1” or “FON 2”. Connect ISDN devices to “FON S0”.

Wi-Fi connection

On the computer, select the wireless network of the FRITZ!Box 7590 and enter the network key printed at the bottom of the device.

Connect to the DSL network

Use the grey DSL cable to connect the FRITZ!Box to your All-IP or direct acces line.

Connect cordless Phones

The FRITZ!Box 7590 supports up to six cordless telephones simultaneously via the DECT signal. Put the phone in registration mode. Enter the PIN of the FRITZ!Box on the telephone, which is set to “0000” by default. Press and hold the ‘Connect/WPS’ button until the LED flashes.

FRITZ!Box 7590 configuration

When all cables are connected, it is time to configure the FRITZ!Box 7590. To do this, log in to the MyFritZ! homepage of your FRITZ!Box. Select “English” as the language and press Next.

After restarting the FRITZ!Box, you can enter the password. You find it on the bottom of the device. At “Regional Setting” choose “Netherlands”. Select at the Annex Setting for “Annex A”. After this, the FRITZ!Box restarts.

A Privacy Statement will then appear that relates to the sending of data to AVM for product improvement. Make your selection and press OK to continue.

After the welcome screen, the FRITZ!Box starts searching for a signal. Here you can choose from two options.

– “Connecting to a DSL Line” if it concerns a DSL connection.

– “Network access at a WAN Port” if it concerns a fiber optic connection.

Choose “Internet account data are required” and select your internet provider. A summary will then appear. Check the box “Check the internet connection after saving” at the bottom. The FRITZ!Box will now search for a connection. If successful, a message says “The internet connection check was successful.” and you will automatically be taken to the telephony overview.


Reset the FRITZ!Box 7590

When you are logged in to the user interface, click on “System” on the left side and go to “Backup”. Click the “Factory Settings” tab and then “Load Factory Settings”. Press “OK” to confirm resetting the FRITZ!Box.

Implement a FRITZ!Box via Qupra

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