FRITZ! Box security

FRITZ! Box security

In addition to computers, laptops, smartphones and smart home devices, routers are also targets of hackers. A 2016 study by the Anti-virus company ESET showed that especially small business and home routers are easy to attack. That’s why every FRITZ!Box, when in the factory settings, has a unique password and a corresponding unique key for the Wi-Fi network. Thanks to the integrated firewall, all devices connected to the FRITZ!Box are fully protected against attacks from the Internet.

Securing the FRITZ!Box can be done in several ways. There are a number of security instructions that must be taken.

Install the most recent version of FRITZ!OS

An important part of the FRITZ!Box security concept is the many updates to the FRITZ!OS operating system. Since hackers are constantly developing their attack methods, an up-to-date FRITZ!OS for maximum security is absolutely necessary to be able to reliably fend off new threats.

Change the FRITZ!Box password

If you still use the FRITZ!Box password printed on the bottom of the device, you need to assign a new password. In this way, unauthorized persons cannot log in to the FRITZ!Box with the default password and thus change the FRITZ!Box’s settings.

– To change the FRITZ!Box password, click on “System” in the user interface and then go to “FRITZ!Box Users”.

– Click on the “Edit” button next to the user you want to change the password for.

– Enter a unique password that is strong enough and do not use a password you use for something else.

– Click “apply” to save the settings.

Enable additional confirmation

You can also protect the FRITZ!Box by activating additional confirmation. In the factory settings, the FRITZ!Box only performs certain sensitive functions or settings after additional confirmation. If it’s disabled, turn it back on:

– Click on “System” in the user interface and go to “FRITZ!Box Users”.

– Click on the “Additional Confirmation” tab.

– Enable the option “Extra confirmation to configure certain settings and functions”.

– Click on “apply” to save the settings.

Implement a FRITZ!Box via Qupra

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