3CX Windows Client

3CX Windows Client

3CX Windows Client download

Call, view the status of your colleagues, chat, schedule conference calls and listen to voicemails from your desktop. This is all possible with the 3CX Windows Client. The Desktop app for Windows has all the features of the Web Client, but offers a slightly more local experience. 

In the welcome email you will find a download link to download the latest version of the 3CX Windows Client. Configure the app automatically by opening the configuration file that is attached to the welcome email. If you see ‘on hook’ at the top right of the screen, you can start calling.

3CX Windows Client features

You can use the 3CX Windows Client in two different modes: softphone mode and CTI mode.

– Softphone mode means you can make and receive calls on your computer without using a desk phone.

– In CTI mode, you require a desk phone for the app to manage your calls from the desktop.


3cx windows softphone

In the Windows Client you can adjust all kinds of things to your own liking. This way you can manage your status to inform your colleagues about your availability and to see which colleague has the opportunity to answer the phone. You can choose from: “available”, “absent”, “do not disturb”, “lunch” and “business” 

You can easily search by name, number or e-mail address via the phone book. Or you enter an external number. At the touch of a button, you can use various functions during a call. For example, you can transfer or record the call.

To transfer a call, simply click “Transfer” and enter the extension number or name to which the call should be transferred. It is also possible to call through announced. If you use this option, you can state that the caller will be transferred before the call.

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