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3CX SIP Trunk configuration

3CX SIP Trunk configuration

Do you already own 3CX or do you purchase a SIP-Trunk from Qupra? Then configure it in the 3CX PBX as follows:

– Log in to the 3CX Management Console.

– Click on SIP Trunks on the left, then press Add SIP Trunk

– Select Generic at Country and Generic SIP Trunk as provider. Also enter the 11-digit main number of the company and press OK.

– Change the name and enter at Registrar/server. Set the authentication type to Register/Account Based and fill in the data sent from the welcome email. Did you not receive this? Please contact us via

– Click on the Caller ID tab at the top and enter the desired 11-digit sender number. Note: the number must be active on the Qupra SIP Trunk). In the “Outbound Parameters” tab, change “From : Display Name” and “From : User Part” to: “OutboundLineID.

In this way, the SIP Trunk is activated on the 3CX platform. If you also want to make outbound calls, you need te set up a Outbound Rule.

sip trunk aanmaken

Make outbound calls

To make outbound calls, you need to set up an Outbound Rule. This way you can arrange in which way calls are made.

– Log in to the 3CX Management Console and go to Outbound Rules on the left side. Click “Add” to create a new one and give the Outbound Rule a name.

– If you want to give multiple extensions the option of calling out, it is best to create an extension group. Any extension added to this group now has the right to dial out. You then indicate over which SIP Trunk this group is allowed to call. When multiple groups are used, for example because your company has multiple branches or departments, an outbound rule can be created per group.

Become Hosted 3CX reseller-partner

Do want to become a 3CX reseller-partner at Qupra? Call Alex on 088 8000 879 or click here to register. 3CX is a comprehensive telephone exchange with App and communication system. 3CX works with regular sales partners; we guarantee the knowledge for you and are the Dutch 1st point of contact, and provide Telephony and UC as a service at the low 3CX rate, completely arranged and unburdened. At Qupra you get 15 free lifetime licenses on trial.