Set up time conditions in YourSipCloud

Set up time conditions in YourSipCloud

In the evenings or at the weekend, there is often no one in the office to answer the phone. That is why you can set time conditions in YourSipCloud.


Create a time condition called “Lunch Break” that starts at 12:00 PM and ends at 1:00 PM. In your incoming route, set the destination time condition to voicemail.

Create a time condition called “Working Hours” that defines your normal business hours. Apply the time condition to your inbound route. You can also apply the time condition in your outgoing route to prevent employees from making outgoing calls outside office hours.

During self-defined holidays, the caller is sent to a voicemail. Time conditions during holidays can be set for this and the coming years, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Create time conditions

To create a new time condition, go to “Inbound” and click on “Time Conditions”. Press “Create” to create a new time condition.



Explanation of the field:

NameName the time condition
AccountCreate a time condition under a selected account
StatusChange the status to active or inactive
Created dateThe date of creation
Last Modified dateThe date you last made modifications
Extensions call typeSelect where the caller will be routed if they  call during the set times. The following options are available: PSTN (external number), Ring Group, IVR, Queue, SIP Device or Conference call
Extensions DestinationsSelect the phone number of the extension type 
Start hour, end hour, week day, month, yearIndicate the specific times of the time condition. This can be, for example, the working hours (9 to 5)
PriorityGive this time condition priority if multiple time conditions overlap eachother


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