Set up a queue in YourSipCloud

Set up a queue in YourSipCloud

A queue makes it possible during busy times, when there are more callers than people who can answer the phone, that callers are offered to the available employees in a controlled manner. In the meantime, the caller hears music on hold. It is also possible to set up a queue in YourSipCloud.

A queue often goes according to the FIFO system, which stands for First In First Out. This means that the caller who has been on hold the longest is the first to get answered. This system is often used at a customer service call center.

Create a queue

To create a queue, go to “Inbound” and select “Queue”.



Fields explanation:

NameName the queue
AccountCreate a queue under a selected account
Agent Dial numberDefine the employee’s number to login
DurationShowthe total call duration of calls
DescriptionAdd a description
Created dateShow the creation date
Last modified dateShow the date you last made modifications
StatusChange the status to active or inactive
Agent back-toneSelect the tone a employer hears when someone is on hold
Customer back-toneSelect a recording you want the caller to hear


Upload a sound file

You can upload a recorded tape or music on hold via “Inbound” and “Recording”. Heres for an existing recording of create a new one by pressing “Create”. Give the recording a name and upload the tape.

For best results, choose a 16bit 8khz/16khz mono WAV file.

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