Set up an IVR in YourSipCloud

Set up an IVR in YourSipCloud

It is in the interest of the callers and the organization that callers are helped quickly. There is nothing more annoying than telling the same story twice. With the help of an IVR, callers are immediately directed to the right employee who can help them further. You can also set up an IVR in YourSipCloud.

Create an IVR

To set up an IVR in YourSipCloud, go to “Inbound” and then click on “IVR”. Press “Create” to create a new one. You can adjust it exactly how you like.

NameName the IVR
AccountCreate the IVR under a selected account
DescriptionAdd a description for a particular IVR
Created DateShow the creation date
Last modified dateShow last modified date
Duration (seconds)Show how many time people spend while calling
StatusSet the IVR status on active or inactive
Direct dialIf someone already knows the number of a certain department, for example, this person can skip the IVR and call the department directly
Welcome greetingPlay a tape to give all the choices. Example: press 1 for a ring group, press 2 for a queue, press 3 for a voicemail etc. Select a recording.
Invalid messagePlay a tape saying that the caller’s selection is invalid because it is not set in the IVR
Caller ID Number PrefixChanges the number stored on the device with a number. Example: Original caller id name is John and you set 007_ as CID Name Prefix then the screen will show 007_John
Caller ID Name PrefixThis changes the number that comes on the device with a name. Example: Original caller id name is John and you set ABC as CID Name Prefix then the screen will show ABC John
TimeoutSet the number of seconds after which the tape with choices
Invalid retriesHow many times is someone allowed to make an invalid choice before the call is ended
Ring backSelect the ring back tone
DigitsDetermine how many choices there are, from 0 to 9
DestinationChoose the destinations of the choices. Example: 0 goes to a Ring Group or 1 goes to a queue

Upload a sound file

Upload a sound file under “Inbound” and click on “Recording”. To add a new recording, press “Create”. The sound file must be in the following format: 15bit 8khz/16khz mono WAV file. Unfortunately, other formats cannot be uploaded.

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