Set up a conference call in YourSipCloud

Set up a conference call in YourSipCloud

Conference calls are becoming more common, especially because many people have (temporarily) started working from home. This has arisen a desire to consult with colleagues. Conference calls are very suitable for employees who just want to quickly go through the work of the day. It is advisable to hold a short meeting at the beginning, so that people know exactly what each other is doing. It is also possible to set up a conference call in YourSipCloud.

Setting up a conference call

To create conference calls, go to “Inbound” and click on “Conference”. Press “Create” to create a new one

conference call


An explanation of the fields above:

NameName the Conference Call
GreetingSelect a welcome greeting for the Conference Call
ProfileSelecteer a Conference Profile
Pin NumberSet a pin number for security
DescriptionAdd a description
StatusChange the status (active/inactive)
Duration Shows the total duration of calls in the Conference Call


Conference Profile

You can create a Conference Profile via “Inbound” and “Conference Profile”. Create a new Conference Profile by pressing “Create”. Within the Conference Profile you can adjust all kinds of things, such as adding sounds when someone enters and leaves the conference call or when someone gets muted.

Conference Controls

Conference Controls allow you to assign various actions to keys that can be performed during conference calls, such as increasing or decreasing the talk or listening volume or mute it completely. You can create Conference Controls via “Inbound” and “Conference Controls”. Create new Conference Controls by pressing “Create”.

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