Call routing in YourSipCloud

Call routing in YourSipCloud

In YourSipCloud it is possible to adjust the call routing per SIP Device. For example, it is possible to have incoming calls automatically forwarded to the right employee based on the number someone calls. This makes it possible to use certain telephone numbers for an emergency line and to forward incoming calls to the employee who is responsible for this or a queue. Routing calls also works with certain time schedules. These are time conditions.

Set up call routing

Routing a call can be arranged under “Account”, “Customers” and then choose “Sip Devices”. Here you see a list of all SIP devices. Click on advance on the far right to set the calling route of that specific device.


An explanation of the fields above:

Call forwardIncoming calls are always transferred to a specific phone number
On busyWhen you enable this option, incoming calls are transferred if the device is busy
No AnswerIf this option is enabled, incoming calls will be transferred when nobody picks up the phone
Not registeredWhen this option is enabled, incoming calls are transferred if the device is not registered
Allow recordingEnable or disable call recording
Pickup group listSelect a pickup group. A pickup group makes it possible to answer calls from others on your own device
Allow pickup group listGive the pickup group permission to take over calls
Follow meAutomatically forward incoming calls to a specified number
Ignore busyIf the phone is busy, it will forward to the specified number
TimeoutSelect the number of seconds the phone will ring
DestinationEnter the number to forward to
Do not disturbWhen the Do Not Disturb option is enabled, no calls will be received on this extension

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