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Hot desking in Kwebbl

Hot desking in Kwebbl

The use of flexible workplaces, or hot desking, has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, there are pros and cons to its use. On the one hand, you save millions in wasted office space and you foster innovation . But on the other hand, the use of hot desking can cause unrest among the staff and reduce productivity. In general, office spaces used for hotdesking already have equipment available for the office user. Some temporary office spaces have computers and telephones available, while some have a data link or internet connection available for business people who work with their own computer equipment. Hot desking is also possible in Kwebbl.

Hot desking is making use of unassigned workstations. Every employee, from every position or department, can use these workplaces. Hot desking in Kwebbl offers the user the possibility to log in to a device within the customer environment. This device then behaves like the employee’s device. It rings when someone calls the employee’s number, sends the employee’s number outside and it includes all other user settings, such as a voicemail.

Using hotdesking is very simple. Enable Hot desking for that user. To do this, go to the user profile and set the Hot desking function to “Yes”. After this, a pin code can be generated or the user can choose one himself with which to log in to a device. Enabling hotdesking on the device is also not difficult. Go to “devices” and enable the hotdesking function on the device.


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