Call recording in Kwebbl

Call recording in Kwebbl

Het opnemen van gesprekken kan voor verschillende doeleinden worden gebruikt. Om de telefonische dienstverlening van medewerkers te verbeteren, als een contract wordt afgesloten of om te controleren of een klacht van een klant wel terecht is of niet. Kwebbl biedt ook een optie om gesprekken op te nemen, dit wordt ook wel call recording of voicelogging genoemd. Call recording biedt de gebruiker de mogelijkheid om gesprekken op te nemen. Deze functie is op meerdere manieren in te stellen. Ten eerste bij het aanmaken van een nieuwe of bewerken van een huidige gebruiker, kan de optie “Call Recording” worden geselecteerd.Companies use call recording for various purposes. To improve the telephone service of employees, when you conclude a contract or to check whether a complaint from a customer is right or not. Kwebbl also offers an option to record conversations. Call recording allows the user to record conversations. You can set up this function in several ways. First, when creating a new or editing a current user, you can enable the option “Call Recording”.

Then there are three options: Never, Always, and On Demand. At “On Demand” you can indicate per conversation whether you want to record it or not. They can also manage the Call Recording function under the heading “Settings”. Simply indicate which people can use Call Recording, how long you want to store the recordings, here you can choose between 30, 90, or 180 days, and with which code the function will activate on the device. This is only possible if you select the “On Demand” option.

Is it always allowed to use call recording?

Yes, you can record conversations if you announce it in advance. Employees should also be aware that you record their calls and for what purpose you do that. After some time, you must securely destroy the recordings, but there is no fixed term that companies must adhere to. You can only continuously make recordings of conversations when it is really necessary. For instance, in a call center. In that case, you require a recording of the conversation as proof that you conclude an agreement.


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