Upgrade your customers to Vplus internet

Upgrade your customers to Vplus internet

As an independent wholesale internet provider, we have an eye for quality, innovation and our partners. We like to work together in the field of business internet, so that as a reseller you can always offer the best internet solutions to your customers. Because a fast internet connection is of course important. Likewise for your customers. Your customers may use a VDSL2 connection, but a successor has now been introduced, namely Vplus.

What is Vplus?

Vplus, also known as Super Vectoring, is the successor of the current VDSL2 technology. Vplus internet is super fast internet via the copper line. The Vplus technology is many times faster than its predecessor and is seen by many as the new alternative to fiberglass.

How does it work?

Currently, when internet is received via the copper line, it is possible to achieve an internet speed of about 100 Mbp/s. With Vplus internet it is possible to achieve internet speeds of up to 200 Mbp/s via a single copper wire. A Vplus internet connection also provides a larger frequency range. Where VDSL2 has a frequency range of 17 MHz, with Vplus this has been doubled to 35 MHz. The larger frequency range ensures that a higher speed can be achieved. However, the speed gain of Vplus compared to VDSL2 depends on the distance to the district cabinet: when the distance is greater than 550 meters, the gain decreases. Both technologies can be combined in one network.

Do you also want to supply a Vplus connection?

By means of the Qupra postcode tool you can see whether a Vplus connection can be delivered to your customers. This can be installed free of charge for all Qupra partners. Vplus connections can be ordered in the Qupra Wholesale portal.