How does Qupra’s billing work?

How does Qupra’s billing work?

Qupra attaches great value to its partners. We are always open and transparent towards our customers and we like clarity. That is why we are happy to explain to you exactly how our invoicing works and which parts a Qupra invoice consists of.


You will receive an invoice once a month for the use of Qupra’s services. The invoice distinguishes between fixed subscription costs and variable consumption costs, such as call costs, as can be seen in this example.

View your invoices

You can view all your sales invoices via the Qupra Wholesale portal. Log in via this link. When you are logged in, click on “Invoices” to see an overview of all sales invoices, with invoice number, invoice date, the invoice as an attachment in PDF format and possibly a file with Call Detail Records (CDRs). In this file you will find all the details of conversations, such as the time, sender, recipient and duration of the conversation. In the portal, that overview looks like this:


The Qupra Wholesale Portal is available to all Qupra partners. Would you also like to become a reseller partner? Please contact or press the button below to register.