The benefits of wholesale purchasing

The benefits of wholesale purchasing

As an independent wholesaler, we have an eye for quality and innovation. We are happy to work with you in the field of business internet, telephony and cloud so that as a reseller you can always offer the best solution to your customers. But why should you choose to purchase services wholesale?

What are the benefits?

1. Set your own margins

One of the greatest benefits of wholesale services is the freedom to choose what you charge your customers for your services. Of course it is important to be in line with the market with your prices, but in the end you decide how you provide the service, at what price and with margin you calculate. In many cases, you determine the duration of the contractual obligations yourself.

2. Freedom to provide services

Since you purchase the service as a semi-finished product, you can operate most buttons yourself. You determine how you set up and manage the customer environment. You also decide how you deliver, manage, take over and serve your customers. There are no restrictions on this. On the one hand you have a lot of freedom, on the other hand you have all the advantages of a professional platform that is managed and monitored day and night. This way you can optimally focus on your customers and their wishes and needs.

3. Billing Relationship

If you purchase a wholesale service, you charge it to your customers yourself, which determines your margins. You have a billing relationship with the customer yourself; it is and remains your customer, your contract and your income. An important part of this is that your company will increase in value and you will be offered a source of income with a term that you must meet. This allocation of value to your company is important for the future and its liquidity. Having your own customer base with a billing relationship creates better loyalty and makes your business potentially worth much more than if you resell products and services without a billing relationship/contract with your customer.

4. Control over the delivery and continuity of your services

You decide how you organize and provide the services. If you opt for reselling services, the invoice holder is at the forefront in terms of development and opportunities in the revenue model. With wholesale services you decide what is best for you. If your provider no longer offers the solution you support or if you choose a different path yourself, you have more freedom with regard to your own customers and the solutions offered. Ultimately, you decide where to place them and, if necessary, coordinate the contractual services with the customer.