Set up queues in Kwebbl

Set up queues in Kwebbl

A queue makes it possible during busy times when there are more callers than people who can answer the phone, that callers are delivered to the available employees in a controlled manner. In the meantime, the caller hears music on hold. You can also set up queues in Kwebble.

Setting up a queue

Setting up queues in Kwebbl is very easy. This can be created via the calling plan. There are a number of settings that should be taken into account. For example, with “wait” you can set how long the queue can be before it is full and the caller skips the queue.




At “Call distribution strategy” you can choose how the calls from the queue are offered to the employees: “At the same time”, “random” or “least recently answered”. If the user chooses the last option, employees are called one by one, sorted by the last person who answered the phone.

In addition, under “Call an agent” you can determine how long an employee phone rings. Each time a call is offered to an extension, it counts as a call in the statistics. The wrap-up time for agent setting specifies how many seconds to wait after a queued call before a new queued call is presented.

A welcome text and announcement can be set under the heading “sounds”. An announcement text is a text that is played in the meantime.

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Add music to queues

In settings it is possible to upload music or sound files. The caller hears this when he or she is on hold or in the queue. In the queue you will first hear a welcome message. Click on “+add” at the top right to choose a music fragment yourself.


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