Digital faxing via Kwebbl

Digital faxing via Kwebbl

Although people may think that faxing is outdated, faxing is still a common way of sending messages. Many companies still use the fax on a daily basis. Faxing is also possible in Kwebbl. Kwebbl offers a complete fax solution. This way you can receive and send faxes as a PDF file without the need for a fax machine.

Create a fax box

To create a new fax box, go to the dial plan and press “fax” and “+ Add” at the top.

Give the fax box a name and enter the number of the fax to be sent. Also indicate how long the messages are kept on the exchange. Enter an additional email address, for example, the general email address of the department.

When assigning permissions, you can authorize one or more employees for the fax box so that they can manage the box and/or receive fax messages by e-mail. Check the permissions press “+” to add a user. At the bottom, you can see which users have been added and which permissions they have. Click on save so that you can use the fax box in calling routes.

In order for incoming faxes to arrive, a dialing route must be created for the fax number. Go to the dial plan and then choose “calling rules”. Click on add to create a new calling route.



Give the calling route a name and an internal number. With an external number, you enter the fax number, in this way you link incoming calls to the number to the calling route.

Then from the apps on the left, drag “fax” to the calling route. Press Save and the call route is ready.

Send faxes

Kwebbl offers the possibility to send faxes without the need for a fax machine.

Sending faxes is done from the User panel, a user’s personal login. Tap on Fax at the top and then on “Send fax”. Select the fax box where the fax should come from and the number of the fax to which the message should be sent. Upload the file you want to send and press “Send”.

In the User panel, you will find a log of the sent faxes at “Sent”.

Receive faxes

Faxes can be received both by e-mail and in the User panel of Kwebbl. Once a fax box has been created, employees can be authorized to receive faxes.

All incoming faxes can also be seen in the User panel of the authorized users


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