The delivery process for business fiber

The delivery process for business fiber

Lead time from order to realization of a business fiber optic connection

This article provides an overview of the lead time from order to delivery of a business fiber optic connection. Qupra strives to make maximum use of the fiber optic infrastructure present in the building. However, in most cases, excavation work will be required even if there is already a fiber optic connection on the facility. Ultimately, it can take 10-20 weeks for delivery to take place. The fact that the delivery process takes so long is partly due to the fact that the process consists of many sub-processes with multiple components and parties involved.

Engineering phase: approximately 4 weeks

Once your request is confirmed, we will process your order and order the fiber from the selected carrier. After the supplier confirms the order, the technical examination can begin. During the technical investigation, the fiber optic provider checks whether sufficient network capacity is available for the connection. If additional network capacity is required, this is often accompanied by higher investments and longer delivery times. The designated contractor then checks the availability of fiber in the local infrastructure. Usually it is necessary to introduce new fiber into the soil. The contractor determines where he is going to dig and arranges all permit applications. The expected time to approval largely determines the possible delivery date. This date has yet to be determined if the contractor specifies an expected delivery date. After all, a permit application can take more or less time. In general, you will receive the expected delivery time after the engineering phase has been completed. Qupra communicates this date via the Wholesale portal and is linked to your order.

Permit application: approximately 8 weeks

In almost all cases where a new fiber optic connection is installed, a permit must be applied for. The contractor generally requests permission from the municipality. You must assess the application within 8 weeks (in exceptional cases a maximum of 12 weeks). Only after approval can the contractor start work. Sometimes it is necessary to apply for special permits, for example when digging near roads or bodies of water. This often has to be requested from authorities higher than the municipality and therefore takes more time.

Execution: approximately 3 weeks

As soon as the contractor receives the green light, the planning of the work can begin. Excavations are generally scheduled a few weeks in advance so that work can begin within 2-3 weeks of approval. Naturally, the contractor’s schedule and capacity also influence the final delivery date. Usually, most delays occur at this stage of delivery.

Possible delay factors are:

  • Weather conditions, especially frost. During periods of frost it is not possible to dig or blow glass.
  • Holiday periods, especially construction holidays.
  • Contaminated soil. In some cases, a soil investigation must first be carried out.
  • Obstacles to avoid, such as rivers, railways, roads, etc. Complications can arise from blowing fiberglass under asphalt.

Delivery: approximately 2 weeks

Before the fiber optic provider reports that the service is ready, Qupra deploys it on its own network. After the provider completes it, Qupra will notify you that the connection is ready and billing will begin.

The expected delivery date communicated for the delivery of the fiber optic connection is not by definition the actual delivery date. Various acceleration and deceleration factors are possible during the process. The expected delivery date is therefore indicative and not binding.