4 criteria when renting data center space

4 criteria when renting data center space

Renting space in a data center is like leasing an office space, where the tenant has only part of the building, such as a floor, or even a fraction of a floor to run businesses. For data centers, the rentable spaces are intended to house the servers of their tenants, using advanced network connections, stable power supply, cooling and security.

But what should you pay attention to when choosing a data center to rent space. There are 4 criteria to consider when choosing to rent data center space.

1. The location

Finding the right location is highly dependent on the data requirements of the company or organization.

For a network intensive operation, where data needs to be delivered at a high frequency in near real time, there is a need to consider a data center that is closer to the recipients of the data.

For process intensive operations, where high computing power is required, the data center must be located in a location with high cooling efficiency and less disruption around the facility. Here the distance is not a problem.

2. Scalability

Renting a data center space may seem like a long-term venture that is expected to meet the needs of the business or organization for even ten years. That’s why it makes sense to rent data center space in a facility with expansion potential.

3. Power

Power Usage Effectiveness, or PUE, is the ratio between the total amount of energy available to a data center and the energy delivered to computer equipment. PUE is an important factor in renting the right data center space. The energy source of a data center must also be seriously considered because of the costs and commitment of the organization. It is also advantageous that the data center space to be rented is located on a different electricity grid than that of the office building. This ensures that the office and data center are not affected by power outages at the same time. 

4. Network model and topography

Not every data center is carrier neutral. Therefore, it is wise to confirm existing providers in a data center before opting for IT services, as this can affect cost, flexibility and network quality.

While the network topography of the data center space is customizable, it is still important to consider the cost and number of points of failure to avoid collective outages that can be caused by a single network cable.

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