Business VDSL

Provide your customers with the best business VDSL connections

VDSL is the successor to ADSL and is an internet connection that is provided over the copper network. VDSL is a very suitable choice for companies looking for a good internet connection at a fixed low price per month. Qupra supplies a complete range of all available business connections via KPN and Tele2. We do not limit ourselves to standard connections; more extensive connections for business are also possible.


The speed of a business VDSL connection depends on the distance to the local exchange or street cabinet (vectoring) and on the quality of the copper. The speed is asymmetric, ie the download speed is higher than the upload speed. This is in contrast to a symmetrical speed of business fiber optic. With business fiber the download and upload speed are equally fast and the speed is guaranteed.


A good quality modem and router is an important part for the operation of the connection. So always make sure that the firmware is up-to-date and that the chosen router and modem are suitable for the connection to avoid problems. Common routers for business VDSL connections are the routers from AVM, a FRITZ!Box.